Life as a dog

You get up, turn on your computer and open your email. You notice one email was weird, it doesn't have a sender. Your curiosity got the better of you and you open it up. All of a sudden, flashing lights and a spiral appear in front of your eyes. Before you even knew it, you undress and started to masturbation. You didn't even notice your sister in your room, until she whispered, "good dog," in your ear, causing you to cum. You sister then slips a dog collar around your neck, as soon as she does you begin to transform. Your hands and feet became paws, you grew a dog tall and fur all over your body. Your mistress has turned you into a dog, no you were always a dog. "Come on, girl, let's go introduce you to the neighbor dog, I think it is time for dogs to be in heat." You follow your mistress out the door.