street 1

John ran off ahead of you. He so wants to go there. Near the club, you start to hear some moaning sounds. Then, when you walk past an alley you can see a girl being fuck by a huge guy he looks like he could play an ogre in a movie. This is your first time seen somebody being fuck, you find it very hard to look away, and before you knew it, one of your hands work its way between your legs and you start to fingering yourselves. ¨Join.¨ A small voice in the back of your head. ¨JOIN!!!!¨ You slowly walks forward, as the man pulls his cock out of the girl and she falls to the ground. The man´s cock so huge and hard even though he just cum multiple times in the girl. you just want to climb on his dick and fuck him something feels wrong this isn´t like you. Something, someone is controlling you force your self to look away and run.